Rheeya Uppaal


I am a second year graduate student of Computer Science at UMass Amherst, working in the Information Extraction and Synthesis Lab under Prof Andrew McCallum. My primary area of interest lies in solving the problem of data dependence in Deep Learning. To this end, I have delved into Transfer Learning, Domain Adaptation, Few Shot Learning and Active Learning. Apart from this, I have worked on Deep Learning applied to NLP and Vision tasks, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I spent the past summer working with the Platform division at Goldman Sachs on Anomaly Detection, and had a wonderful experience. Before that, I spent an exciting semester collaborating with Microsoft Research, Montreal, where I worked on Transfer Learning for Machine Comprehension, under the guidance of TJ Hazen. I briefly worked with Prof Erik Learned-Miller on an interesting project on Intelligent Search for agents using visual aids. I started my journey of research as an undergraduate, under the wonderful guidance of Prof Balaraman Ravindran at IIT Madras, where I worked on Object Tracking and Classification in video data. I was introduced to the world of Machine Learning by Prof Emma Brunksill at the OurCS Workshop at CMU.

I like to spend my free time reading anything under the sun. I also enjoy singing and playing my violin. I am an amateur nature photographer, and never miss an opportunity to capture a nice shot. I have also taken up figure skating recently, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite hobbies!