My mother introduced me to the concept of multipotentialites and has been an ever present encouraging and inspiring presence for me to broaden my horizons beyond the academic realm. I have grown up dabbling in an array of activites, from horse riding, to animation & digital design, to choral conducting.

I am told that I became the world's youngest voice over artiste to handle an English script, when I professionaly lent my voice to UNICEF at the age of three, for their organisational film regarding children's activities across the globe. I have since lent my voice to other organizations like Aptech and The Bishop's School.

I am also an amateur nature photographer, and can never resist the opportunity to capture a nice shot.

Music and dance have been well ingrained parts of my culture, and spontaneously breaking out into group song during our family gatherings is by no means rare. I myself sing, play the violin and piano (albeit, poorly) and have been trained in Jazz dance and Bharatnatyam (though I like trying other styles too). Oh, and I also rap.

I love spending my free time reading anything under the sun, and I also enjoy writing short passages or stories based on my thoughts and experiences. Here is a sampling of some passing thoughts I have enjoyed penning down.

My free time is also enjoyed through a good game of tennis, or some time on the ice rink. My skating dream is to perform the Axel jump someday.